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What is Safe
Food University?

Safe Food University is a cloud based e-learning platform designed specifically for the food industry and those working within it. The courses focus on food safety training for the workers at the production level to more advanced members of your organization responsible for setting up and writing food safety programs.

The training platform is designed to meet training requirements for regulatory bodies, customers and third-party audit standards. Facility training managers may assign courses, monitor results and print reports to verify your training programs to those bodies.

Safe Food University food safety training is more than video training. The courses are built with interactive exercises requiring learner participation. All courses are available in English and Spanish.


We Live to Protect the Public

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 6 (or 48 million) people get sick from eating food every year in the USA and 3000 die. Our educational programs focus on the front line employees who work where contamination issues are likely to occur. We emphasize the impact that each individual has on food safety. We believe and teach their purpose is also to protect the public.

Why Food Safety
Training with
Safe Food University?


We Live to Protect Your Business

Food contamination costs the food industry 55 billion dollars annually. A recall issued can cost an individual company up to 99 million depending on the scope and reach of the recall. Consumer trust in the brand is lost and may never recover. Investing in educational programs for your workforce can help reduce the likelihood of a recall happening with your products.

Through short courses developed by food industry experts. Ensure your team is armed with the education necessary to follow food safety regulations and recognize food safety issues before they occur.

Through responsive courses that are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. No more disruption for required training classes during production hours.

Highly trained employees are happier, more productive and less likely to move to another organization. Investing in your employees creates loyalty to your brand.

Safe Food University

We give our clients a BOOST through knowledge, cost savings, and company morale

Food Safety Now: A Heroe’s Guide

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